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RE: Use of foreign engineers

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Bill P wrote:

<I have had my OWN share of problems, as I've shared on this list, just with
U.S. trained junior engineers who don't yet "get it" and don't even see that
I have anything to teach them. Among the most egregious in that respect are
typically non-U.S. born engineers (who, again, have a very elevated view of
themselves just because they have an engineering degree; this because this
is the culture they grew up in).>

As NON-US BORN, AMERICAN TRAINED/EDUCATED, young engineer, I can sum up my
response in two words : SAVE IT ! 

Your generalizations are getting old as are your constant smart ass remarks
to everyone on this list who ticks you off. Enough with the complaining Bill
! It's almost like you are trying to break Dennis' record for the most posts
in year. Please, stop acting so high & mighty.


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