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Re: Use of foreign engineers

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I agree with what you have said.  The matter, for me, is even more profound.

If I seal a set of drawings, it means that I performed the design
engineering work.  Certainly don't mean to be haughty about my work; wish it
were better, more perfect . . . fact is, it's adequate.  I sometimes bolt
out of bed, worrying that I've neglected to consider something.  And
sometimes I have.  So far, I've been ruled by nature to be adequate.

Currently, I do very little of my own CAD drafting.  I consider CAD drafting
to be a service, not necessarily a proactive part of the design work.

But for me to seal documents for which the engineering was accomplished by
someone else; no way.  I guess that's why I'm a sole proprietor.

John P. Riley, PE, SE
Riley Engineering
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> I guarantee you, any engineer who decides to do this will find he is
> MORE money, not less, to get his work done at the level of confidence and
> quality to which he is accustomed.