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Re: Use of foreign engineers

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I agree with most of comments, however.......this statement is to 
 Among the most egregious in that respect are typically
> non-U.S. born engineers (who, again, have a very elevated view of themselves
> just because they have an engineering degree; this because this is the culture
> they grew up in). 

I am a non US born engineer.....spending a long time doing the 
'grunt work' in the trenches.........In Australia...and I assume other 
1st world ex british 'colonies'....when you get your first are 
treated as a interin..and told.'You may have a degree...but you 
know sh*t, and now your going to' and experience is 
the main goal of most young engineers need to remember.

Living close to the many asian countries...I experienced the 'I have 
a degree' status symbol attitude. However, I also experienced the 'I 
have a lot of experience and knowledge' side of the coin as 
well...however, my english skills are poor.... 

Just my 'Alien' 2 cents worth

Peter (ET go home) McCormack