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Broken Emails WAS: English 101

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- Calvin Chang [mailto:ccpe(--nospam--at)] wrote:
Can anybody tell me what's wrong with my e'mail message? Thank you.

To Calvin (and other interested parties),
  You have included a background in your message.  In order to accomplish
this, Outlook (which I assume is your email program) uses codes similar to
html.  This if fine if the READER has Microsoft Internet Explorer, Outlook
or Outlook Express.  However, if the READER doesn't have those programs then
it comes across as gobbledy-gook.  On this list (and most other
listservers), one must assume that many different readers will be used,
hence the default is to send everything in plain text without backgrounds,
colorful pictures and the like.  (Colorful metaphors may still be used with
permission of the list.:) )

TO everyone else,
  I've noticed that I get a fair amount of emails formatted for HTML and
mime.  Could we return to sending email in plain text.  In Outlook their is
a switch in the TOOLS|Options|Mail Format that you can set to "Sent in this
message format: Plain Text". There is also a way to set that option based on
recipient (in this cast the list) but I forget how to set that.

PS: When replying, please chop off the trailer that the listserver adds.  It
is highly annoying if one is trying to get the digest form.

Mark Jones