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Re: Posting in foreign languages

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I have mixed feelings on this.  There are valid arguements both ways. 
However, I can see where the list would become a turn off to a great
number of people if this goes multi-linguo or whatever.  A lot of people
are already turned off by the list because everyday there are 50 e mails
to scan and delete.  Can you imagine posts running in 10 different
languages.  EVERYONE would be in the same situation.  200 e mails out of
which maybe 50 are in languages any one person would understand.  I
would think this would be a turn off to english speakers, french
speakers, spanish speakers, russian speakers...  No one would be left.

Perhaps the solution is for some of the other language speaking
engineers to establish a list with their language and limit one of these
list servers to english.  Just please point me to that one.

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA

Khosrownia, Ghassem SPK wrote:
> Hi,
> How do you all feel about messages posted in completely foreign languages to
> this board, or mixed language messages that may as well have! Is this not an
> international board of conversations about structural engineering? As such
> should we not have "one" language so that we all can communicate with each
> other? If only two people understand what they are talking about should they
> not take their conversation and directly e-mail to each other?
> Besides the fact that I believe it is wrong, I am having to delete more
> messages after I open them as I used to before, and I am beginning to get a
> sense of pollution on this board as I sometimes see on "some" newsgroups.
> I hope the foreign language posters are not offended. I have nothing against
> posts in foreign languages. I just don't believe they belong here. Good
> morning to you all!
> Ghassem.