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RE: Use of foreign engineers

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	John P. Riley wrote:

	Gerard Madden,

	I like your spirit (Well bred, good genes).

	But are you sure you're not being too sensitive to the "non-US born,
	American trained/educated" tag?

	Isn't the issue here about accountability?  REMOTE engineering . . .
	for me to understand how it all works.

	John P. Riley, PE, SE


Agreed in regards to your last paragraph.

My only objection was the generalizations directed toward young engineers
and more specifically, those not born in the USA. I'm sure all the young
engineers could make some stereotypical comments about all the geezers they
have had to work with. Age and or years of experience does not necessarily
equate with knowledge, an bad attitudes can exist on both sides, young and
not so young. 

I have no beef with discussing the other important aspects of the thread,
which overall, has been interesting reading.

p.s.: ( I would say more like well fed, tight jeans. Sitting in my chair all
day is doing little to keep the lbs. off. (soon to be kips-sorry metric