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Re: Use of foreign engineers

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"Does not necessarily" implies "though true for the most part".

Tell you what: Why don't you suggest to your local P.E. licensing board that
they do, say, oral interviewing so that they can "tell" who is ready and who is
not ready to be licensed as a P.E. That way, someone right out of school could
get his P.E., because he is bereft of a "bad attitude". See how that goes over.

The fact is that there are certain indicators that enhance the probability that
a graduate with an engineering degree is ready to take responsibility for
engineering design. One such indicator has proven to be "pay the dues" in terms
of time served under the direction of an experienced engineer.

Does that mean 100% success? Name me a human field of endeavor that can claim

Peter McCormack wrote:
> <snip>
> Age and or years of experience does not necessarily
> > equate with knowledge, an bad attitudes can exist on both sides, young and
> > not so young.
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