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Re: Use of foreign engineers

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"Bart Kemper, P.E. (" wrote:
> However, a foreign trained or foreign born engineer is no better or
> worse than a US born one.  It's what that person does and how they do it
> that makes the difference.


Of course, the discussion concerns "using foreign engineers remotely on domestic
projects." I think any problems with perceptions, attitudes, real experience
level, communication/language barrier, and in fine, just WHO IT IS REALLY that's
working for you, are BOUND to be exacerbated by such an arrangement.

I just happened to think of this:

Several months ago one of the SEAINT list contributors contacted me about doing
some work for them on such a basis. Now, they're on the west coast, and I'm in
Texas, but we ARE all Americans here, and speak English (well, my first language
is Southern, but I'm "bilingual").

However, the deal fell through because this fellow's managers just couldn't
understand why he had to use someone halfway across the country, when he could
pick up someone for the task down the block, relatively speaking.

Interesting, eh?

> I completely agree.  And I retract my previous comment about your
> grumpiness, Bill...I just kept getting these one-line ascerbic comments
> that didn't say much.  Good points on this one.

That's because my earlier comment was MEANT to be teasing. I think we engineers
sometimes forget that humor DOES exist, and can apply neatly to our environment.
You'd think that seven years of Dilbert would've sunk in, but I guess we still
have a ways to go.