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Re: I need Ur answer

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thanks a lot for ur information.
May God Bless U, RDAHLMANN.

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Subject: Re: I need Ur answer
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 22:57:36 EDT

1. Columns can be strengthened with steel plates
2. If floor live load was designed for 100 psf (which is becoming more
common) - An option would be to back the live load off to 50 psf + 20 psf
partition load. (and don't forget to take full advantage of live load
3. Can the floor for the remaining levels be changed to a thinner concrete
slab - If a two hour floor was used, by fireproofing the deck one to two
inches of concrete can be removed.
4. Watch out for your lateral system - it will most likely need to be
strengthened also.
5. Option - add additional columns. If a steel beam system was used above,
columns can easily be introduced. (This will help the foundation design as
well) If your floor is a joist/joist girder system this can still be done,
however reinforcing the girders can get messy.
6. Foundation - Spread footings or mat foundations can be added on to. (Epoxy
rebar to existing foundations, but watch your flexural steel in the
foundations - this could get tricky) Caissons could be more difficult- I
would suggest drilling new caissons and building grade beams under the
existing columns to transfer the load to two caissons in lieu of the one in

Hope this helps
Richard Dahlmann P.E.

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