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Let's Welcome Posting in Foreign Languages

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seaint @ is a unique resource; I would be surprised if anything
similar exists.  A structural engineer of any language is certain to find
invaluable (there's another word for the English 101 thread) the opportunity
to ask questions and receive the kind of information and opinion that are
availble through the list.

Someone who does not have English will not be able to mine the list for its
full value.  But if someone can make contact with other structural
professionals of like language by posting a question to the list and receive
a helpful reply in the same language, the list is serving its intended

A post in another language is less bother to me than a is post relating to a
structural matter that I don't need to know about.  If I don't know the
language, I can delete the message without reading it; if I don't need the
content of a post regarding a particular subject, I may need to take the
time to browse the post first to make that judgement.

I say, "Let's welcome participation in the list -- in any language."  If the
non-English posts are likely to become a burden, a rule that non-English
replies be sent directly to the post-er may be appropriate.  However, I
don't favor that rule; it leaves out lurkers who may also be interested in
the reply and reduces the value of the list to them.

So far, discussion of the matter has taken up more space in my inbox than
the total of the non-English posts.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer