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Re: Let's Welcome Posting in Foreign Languages

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>But if someone can make contact with other structural
>professionals of like language by posting a question to the list and receive
>a helpful reply in the same language, the list is serving its intended
Expanding on this a bit, even in English most of us find a great many 
posts here posed in unfamiliar terms. My commentary on boiler codes and 
cranes probably wouldn't be much less interesting to some if I'd posted 
them in Klingon. I don't do wood or concrete construction, so most of the 
posts in those topics make almost no sense to me. It's a fact that much 
of the dialog here won't be of use to anyone who speaks only Spanish, but 
if a contact is made it could be of a great deal of help. If you don't 
understand the post, be it boiler-speak or Portuguese, ignore it.

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