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Re: Posting in foreign languages

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Jeff Coronado Wrote:

"From: Jeff Coronado <jcse(--nospam--at)>
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: Posting in foreign languages


I have mixed feelings on this.  There are valid arguements both ways.
However, I can see where the list would become a turn off to a great
number of people if this goes multi-linguo or whatever.  A lot of people
are already turned off by the list because everyday there are 50 e mails
to scan and delete.  Can you imagine posts running in 10 different
languages.  EVERYONE would be in the same situation.  200 e mails out of
which maybe 50 are in languages any one person would understand.  I
would think this would be a turn off to english speakers, french
speakers, spanish speakers, russian speakers...  No one would be left.

Perhaps the solution is for some of the other language speaking
engineers to establish a list with their language and limit one of these
list servers to english.  Just please point me to that one.

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA"

My comments are meant to be respectful - not intended to insult anyone. It
never fails to amaze me when I hear an argument that mentions how people are
"turned off" to a listservice because there are already so many posts. Nine
years ago we didn't have even one professional forum for engineers to
express their opinions and seek the advice of their peers. Today we have a
List with somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 engineers world wide with less
than 0.04% who are active participants. This leaves 99.96% of the profession
who simply "lurk".

Approximately four years ago I instituted change on this forum to set a
precedence where engineers from around the world feel more comfortable
participating with peers on a public forum that was perceived to be only for
California engineers. The fact remains that as a co-founder of this list, my
intentions and those of the board members who supported my suggestion -
including James Lai,SE (the president of SEAOSC at the time) - was to make
this a public service without boundaries. SEA deserved the credit for its
creation, but the on-going success of the listservice belongs to those who
use it, not those who own the server.

If the forum grows too large because the 99.96% of the profession decides to
voice an opinion or involve themselves in discussions, or wish to see change
in our profession - I would personally feel that the time and energy I
invested in this List was well accomplished.

If the list was flooded with Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese,
Russian or any of the worlds languages, then our responsibility would be to
provide not only a dedicated forum or list for them, but a means to
translate so that English speaking people and those outside the specific
language can value from the opinion or answer the engineers questions or
simply laugh at his or her humor.

When will those on this list realize that the move toward International
Building Codes not intended to launch the next war of who will control the
code world. Just to set the record - I am a Chicago born second generation
American who believes that we have a lot to learn from others outside this
country. I would give anything to hear from the 99.96% of you who do not
participate - at least on those issues that control the codes we follow or
the future of our profession. There have been many important, albeit
political, engineering issues placed on this site which were meant to
encourage thought and fuel strong opinions. My disappointment is when 99.96%
of you remain silent or feel that the only way to respond is privately where
the policy makers can not hear you.

So, my pledge is, if you can't speak your native tongue on this List, I will
provide you a forum where you can. I only ask that you help me to make the
translation into different languages sufficiently so others can benefit and
become involved.

I would like to set a goal of 0.04% lurkers and 99.96% professional
engineers who have a strong interest in the future of the profession and in
becoming better engineers in the process. Personally, I'm not afraid of my
"Delete Key."

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator - for an alternative, visit:
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax

In a perfect world, I would hope that our participation level among
professionals were much higher than 0.01% of the professional community
world wide.