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Re: Let's Welcome Posting in Foreign Languages

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This list is a wonderful service for which I am grateful.  The bother of
receiving either a post in a foreign language or a post from Christopher
Wright (this isn't a complaint, I'm sure you understand, Christopher) on
boiler codes is minor-minor compared to the great benefit available from the

My point is that I don't have a need to read and understand every post, and
I believe all posts having to do with structural engineering are appropriate
and can be welcomed, regardless of language or specific topic.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer

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Date: Saturday, October 14, 2000 9:57 AM
Subject: RE: Let's Welcome Posting in Foreign Languages

>Excuse me Nels, but am I reading your post correctly, that a post regarding
>a structural matter that you don't need to know about bothers you? Well, on
>behalf of others and myself who may have bothered you I apologize. Next
>we will think a bit harder about the popularity of our structural matter
>posts before posting them so as not to be a bother to you.
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>Subject: Let's Welcome Posting in Foreign Languages
>seaint @ is a unique resource; I would be surprised if anything
>similar exists.  A structural engineer of any language is certain to find
>invaluable (there's another word for the English 101 thread) the
>to ask questions and receive the kind of information and opinion that are
>available through the list.
>Someone who does not have English will not be able to mine the list for its
>full value.  But if someone can make contact with other structural
>professionals of like language by posting a question to the list and
>a helpful reply in the same language, the list is serving its intended
>A post in another language is less bother to me than a is post relating to
>structural matter that I don't need to know about.  If I don't know the
>language, I can delete the message without reading it; if I don't need the
>content of a post regarding a particular subject, I may need to take the
>time to browse the post first to make that judgement.
>I say, "Let's welcome participation in the list -- in any language."  If
>non-English posts are likely to become a burden, a rule that non-English
>replies be sent directly to the post-er may be appropriate.  However, I
>don't favor that rule; it leaves out lurkers who may also be interested in
>the reply and reduces the value of the list to them.
>So far, discussion of the matter has taken up more space in my inbox than
>the total of the non-English posts.
>Nels Roselund
>Structural Engineer