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RE: Washers for A325 Bolts

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No advantage. The friction between threads and washer/nut interface should
be adequate to prevent  nut from loosening, even under vibration.
SAE-published research backs this up.

Introducing a non-ASTM, non-RCSC, non-AISC approved fastener element into
the joint puts you into never-never land regarding following AISC and RCSC

Bob Shaw
Steel Structures Technology Center

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Subject: Washers for A325 Bolts

AISC recommends ASTM F436 flat washers for A325 Bolts. Assuming the bolts
tightened by the turn-of-the-nut method, is there any advantage (or
disadvantage) of providing lock washer after the flat washer?

I thank you for your thoughts!

Rainier C. Catubig, S.E.
San Diego, California