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Re: The Patriot

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Now we're going to hear from all the BUSH-wackers.....

I thought we were leaving politics OUT of this list....

It's really not that difficult....  HELLOOOO......


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> Bakerhall1(--nospam--at) wrote:
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> > Just seen the above flick, isn't it strange that the star left The U.S.
> > 1968 to avoid the Vietman draft for him and his brother!!
> > JRBaker
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> I think its funnier that Gore is touting his Vietnam service when he
> states in a Newsweek article he went just to preserve his political
> career.  Nothing wrong with that, but he was under the personal
> protection of Gen. Westmoreland, he never did his job as an Army
> journalist (I should know...I was one!), never went where the story was
> (COMBAT), never photographed combat nor fired his weapon, and only
> served part of a normal hitch in Vietnam.  Sure, he wore the
> uniform....but all he did is hold it up so he could go into politics.
> He also went as enlisted instead of as an officer cuz officers were too
> high-profile and tended to get targeted.
> Bart Kemper