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RE: cantilivered columns

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I know you get upset if no one responds to your posts ....:o)
Aren't you already designing for a R=2.2?
It just seems like a tough penalty to design for R=2.2 and for Wo = 2.0.
From the way I've interpreted the code (which could easily be wrong), just the vertical elements (like hold downs) of discontinuous vertical elements need to be designed for Wo in Type V structures. Since the cantilevered column has E(axial)=0, I wouldn't use Wo at all. R=2.2 is enough penalty IMO.
Just my take,

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Subject: cantilivered columns

Cantilevered column for lateral resisting elements in type v construction:
Am I interpreting 97 UBC correctly,
Design column/beam connection for omega forces.
Design column strength and drift for section 1612.3 load combinations
Design base connection for omega forces.
Does the footing need to be designed for omega forces?