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RE: UBC Section 1633.2.6 Collector Elements

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<< David Hall wrote:
Ya know i sent a question here i needed help on and got no reponse yet
someone sends a question concerning whether this site should be typed in
English or another language and it gets a week worth of responses what is
the deal here >>

The "deal here" is probably that you've phrased your question in a fairly vague manner and many busy people probably did not want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you were really asking. I will take a stab at it though.

In order for lateral-force-resisting system elements to perform effectively, we need to ensure that the loads can get to them.  It doesn't do much good to design strong, ductile frames and walls if the collector elements are the weak link.  Therefore, the collectors should have enough strength at ultimate levels to resist the estimated maximum earthquake forces that can be developed in the structure (E-sub-M).  If you are using allowable stress design, you can check the ultimate strength capacity of the collectors by using an allowable stress increase factor of 1.7.

I believe this provision is philosophically related to the effort in the 97 UBC to improve seismic performance by system redundancy.  This requirement of the collectors encourages the designer to improve sytem redundancy by adding more frames and walls so that the collectors are not working so hard.

Jason Emoto

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> Can someone here give a quick explanation on this section pertaining to
> use of the Omega Factor in Ultimate Design and the increase of 1.7 in
> for Allowable.  Thanks