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Re: Structural Steel Section Properties

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A great reference for obsolete shapes is "Iron and Steel Beams 1873 to 1952,"
published by AISC.  I believe that it's still in print.  I have the sixth
printing from 1973.

For a 12B25, there are three different listings for steel rolled between 1927
and 1931.  Two of the listings give values of the section properties that are 1
to 2% less than those given by John Riley.  Not a big deal, I just thought that
you may like a reference to cite, to justify your calculations.

Evan Jorgensen

--John Riley wrote:

I believe the beams are Bethlehem Beams and should have been designated with
a "B" rather than an "I".

12B25  A 7.44  Ix 185.1  Sx 31.16  rx 4.99  Iy 13.6  Sy 4.19  ry 1.35  d
11.88  b 6.495
            Mmax = 560,900 in-lb

15B36  A 10.61  Ix 410.9  Sx 55.12  rx 6.22  Iy 21.7  Sy 6.45  ry 1.43  d
14.91  b 6.740
            Mmax = 992,100 in-lb

16B50  A 14.78  Ix 669.0  Sx 82.34  rx 6.73  Iy 36.6  Sy 10.01  ry 1.57  d
16.25  b 7.320
            Mmax = 1,482,100 in-lb

AISC specs:

    On extreme fibres of rolled shapes, and built up sections, net section,
if lateral deflection is prevented . . . 18,000 psi
    When unsupported length exceeds 15 times b, width of compression flange

Shear.  12000 psi

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Subject: Structural Steel Section Properties

> Hello,
> I need some help finding the section properties for the beams and
> girders in an existing building. The blueprints we have are dated Feb
> 1930. The latest AISC Manual in the office is from the 1950's and
> doesn't have the sizes as they are called out on the drawings. The
> blueprints read beams being 12" I -25# and the girders as 15" I -36# and
> 16" I -50. Any information and or help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Alicia Danyeur, EIT
> Teter Consultants, LLP