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Re: Cantilevered Wood Diaphragm -Reply

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I am working with Bechtel (mostly designing gov't projects) and also do
private consulting on the side.  Previous experience was w/ consultants.

I do not think the plan checker is at all right on suggesting that the building
be analyzed as a series of eight "three sided boxes" joined together.  This
is one structure and no different than any other structure which can be
analyzed by conventional principles.  By analyzing the structure in
portions as he suggests, in effect, the capacity will be artificially reduced. 
This is obvious when torsion is analyzed, the resistance comes
principally from the elements located further away from the CR.  

Granted that structure performance during a severe seismic event will not
match that of a similar structure with shear walls located at outside edges
in the longitudinal direction, I do not see any technical code related
drawbacks if properly designed.  I thought these type of structures are
not very uncommon in relatively smaller size projects.

I would definitely argue my points with the plan checker.

Hope it helps.

V. Sahni  SE