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Re: SOFTWARE: Question re AFPA/AWC WoodWorks 97 "Sizer"

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I think that it defaults to "Full Support" at the top and "@supports" 
for the bottom. Page 20 of the 'manual' under the heading 'Lateral 
Support' states that the 'Beam Details' is disable and notes in the 
output specify the necessary lateral restraint.

When ever I have done a LVL design, the notes specify that this is 
a preliminary design and you should consult your manufacturer for 
the final design.(no mention of lateral support but output is 
consitent with "Full" and "@supports")

I use the 'TJBeam' program and other propietry software to design 
all the LVL etc. They are free from the manufacturers.

However, I did create custom databases etc and the results were 
consistant from Sizer to the proprietry programs.

I hope this helps

Peter McCormack

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> Hi think you hit the nail on the head (a little wood design humor, there).
> It WAS an LVL. Problem is, how do I know what assumptions were made for lateral
> support?
> Peter McCormack wrote:
> > 
> > Bill
> > 
> > I think the only time the "Details" button greys out is when you
> > select 'LVL' or 'PSL'.