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      Advertising by professionals of any type, be they Accountants, Auditors, Doctors, Lawyers or Engineers is everywhere considered unprofessional.  It may or may not be specifically illegal in a certain country or state.  You have to look it up in your own country laws.
          In our country, this is only enforced through the Pakistan Engineering Council (the national registering body) bylaws.  If you advertise (except in journals of engineering profession), you do not break any laws of the land, but if you are reported to the Council, your professional
registration, and therefore your licenses in all localities,  may be in jeopardy.
    Concerning internet though, clearly having your own web-sites, though it does look like a neon sign on the information highway, can hardly be objectionable as you have to know the address before it flashes on your screen.  Any other type of advertising? Well I think we need a consensus on this

From: "Virgilio R Monsalud" <vrmonsalud(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: internet freebies

By the way, are we professionals especially engineers allowed by law to advertise our services on the Internet (before I get anyone into trouble). Because Certified Public Accountants in the Philippines cannot advertise their services in the newspapers nor in a neon sign according to my sister.

Any lurking lawyer around or anybody who knows our limitations and shed light on us.

Thanks in advance