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The 5th Edition of the AISC Manual was copyright in 1947 and the printing 
that I have is the 20th printing, 1956.  The AISC Specs in it are the AISC 
Specs of 1947, Revised, 1949.  Steel is A7, which typically had a specified 
minimum yield of 33ksi.

I would not be too worried about a weight difference of 1/10 #/ft in the 
weight designation of the channel, but probably the flange widths should be 
verified as the 12JR C 10.6 was rolled only by the Jones & Laughlin steel 
company and another channel may have been substituted for it.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Michael Zaitz wrote:


I have a project built in 1949. The plans show a 12C10.7.  Is this the
modern day equiv. of the MC12 x 10.6?  The plans I have do not mention
it being a Junior channel.  The oldest Steel book we have in the office
is 1963 and it is the 6th edition so I am guessing that this building
was built using the 4th edition.  Also, what is the best estimate for
the allowable yield stress of the member?<<