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Re: Channel

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I think it is a M12 x 11.8 or at least the 1949 equivalent.  This is a
different member from the channel I asked about earlier (12L&J11.8).  I am
using the properties for a M12 x 11.8 and using a yield stress of 33 ksi for a
quick check.  I wanted to make sure that they are sim.  or if there has been a
major change in the member properties since then.



Roger Turk wrote:

> Michael,
> With a flange width of ~3.25", it is definitely *not* a Junior Channel.  I
> will check my 1948 AISC manual within an hour and get back to you, but, it
> looks like it might be a 12C30, 12MC30.9 or 12MC32.9.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona
> Michael Zaitz wrote:
> >>Roger
> Could you provide me the sectional properties for a 12L&J11.8.  Field
> measurements give the flange to be ~3.25 in. wide and the section is 12 in.
> deep.  I could not get to the member to accurately measure the flange
> thickness.<<