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RE: Tack Welding Heavy Hex Nuts?

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If the object is simply to hold the template to the bolt, I would suggest
putting a nut on each side of the template.  Some of the telecommunications
tower manufacturers do this.

If you must tack weld the nut to the plate:
The nut will probably be high in carbon, and you will not get a structural
weld without preheating.  You generally do not preheat a tack weld.  If you
preclude preheating, the heat effected zone will not be sufficient to impair
the required nut proof load.  There are low carbon heavy hex nuts, but they
can not develop anything other than a 36 ksi anchor rod.  

Another alternative is to thread a 3/8" A36 plate washer, weld the plate
washer to the template, thread the anchor rod through the template into the
plate washer, and thread the heavy hex nut onto the end of the anchor rod.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Tack Welding Heavy Hex Nuts?
> A client standard I'm using shows "tack welding" the heavy hex nuts used
> at the
> base of the anchor bolt to the 1/4" plate template used to hold all the
> anchor
> bolts in place during construction.
> I don't really mind the template so much, but is "tack welding" really
> necessary? And if I MUST do so, what weldable heavy hex nut material is
> available for this? (Even though it's only a tack I'm concerned about
> embrittlement).