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RE: SEAOC Blue Book - paper on gussets

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The Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology has a very
large collection. They will copy an article and fax it to you for a fee.
When I have done this, a typical article runs $20 to $25. They also mail you
a hard copy. They are located in Kasas City, Missouri. Their phone number is
(800) 662-1545. Their web address is You can locate your
article and references at their web site prior to calling.


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Subject: SEAOC Blue Book - paper on gussets

My local library says that only one library in the universe has the 
1993 Rabinovitch and Cheng paper titled "Cyclic Behavior of Steel 
Gusset Plate Connections" referenced in the 1999 SEAOC Blue 
Book commentary (pg 239 and 246), and that library doesn't lend!  
Would appreciate some help locating a copy.


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