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RE: Rehab of California Hospitals

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Try Fred Turner at the California Seismic Safety Commission.  He is a list
subscriber and usually knows seismic issues for the State of California if
anyone does.  His email is:
fturner(--nospam--at) <mailto:fturner(--nospam--at)> 

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland  CA

"From the laying out of a line of a tunnel to its final completion, the work
may be either a series of experiments made at the expense of the proprietors
of the project, or a series of judicious applications of the results of
previous experience." 
 -H. S. Drinker in "Tunneling, Explosive Compounds and Rock Drills (1878).

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	Subject:	Rehab of California Hospitals

	I heard on the news that there was an estimate of several billion
dollars to
	seismically rehabilitate the hospitals in California.  Is there an
on line
	source to this information?

		Harold Sprague