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"Outdated" OPENGL32.DLL

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When I open Microstation (CAD program) to edit a drawing, it comes back with a
warning that OPENGL32.DLL is "out of date" and might "hang" the system. It will
open the drawing and function, but the warning is really nagging me.

I have checked, and see that, indeed, OPENGL32.DLL is dated 1995! (I'm using
Windows 98 SE).

I can't figure out how to get the latest version of this (I'm assuming somehow
the newer version got clobbered by some program I must have installed that
stupidly just replaced it with an older version). I know that somehow I have
handled this "automatically" before, but you know how arcane Windows is when it
comes to system stuff like this.

Anyone got a clue as to how I can get a new version of this file put back where
it belongs? (Short of reinstalling Microstation, which I'm not even sure would
do the trick even if I did).