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RE: PE Exam

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It may be a little late to do much review, but just in case someone is still
interested, the NCEES has put out a review test on their web site,, that can be taken over the internet and is set up in the new
exam format.  Each section is 2 hours, so it is half of the real exam
length.  I took it this weekend, and found it very handy if for no other
reason than I now feel like I have an idea of what the new exam looks like,
and what sort of out of specialty questions they ask on the specialty
sections.  Be warned, though, some of the questions are poorly written, and
their automatic scoring system has some of the answers wrong even by their
own solutions (which are made avaiable to you after you finish), at least
the structural specialty section examples were that way (the morning section
was much better put together).  I hope they put more time into the real
exam.  Good luck everyone.

Paul Crocker, EIT (and hoping to advance soon...)

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As one about to going thru tomorrows trauma.....I also would also 
like to wish everyone doing the PE the best of luck...

Peter McCormack

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> Good luck to all who are taking the PE exam tomorrow.
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