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RE: Analysis of pipes with large D/t ratios

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For ASD, Troitsky recommend the same formulas as ASD, 

Fa-critical = 662/D/t) + 0.399Fy 

for 3300/Fy < D/t < 13000/(D/t)

but includes Fa-critical = 5333/(D/t) for D/t > 13000/(D/t)

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Subject: RE: Analysis of pipes with large D/t ratios

I KNEW you would have fun with this one, Rick :o).

Nooooo, I haven't cracked open my LRFD manual yet.

In my particular problem, the D/t ratio is 7,020/Fy and stresses are due to
wind loads (seismic is miniscule).

I can't believe ASD doesn't address this problem. I know in the past (before
the HSS specifications), I've used Appendix B5.b for slender wall tubes
(i.e., 10"x10"x3/16").



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||Subject: Re: Analysis of pipes with large D/t ratios
||The latest and most complete slenderness ratios for
||nonseismic applications
||can be found in the LRFD specification and manual.  For
||circular HSS in
||axial compression, there is no compact section limit.  The noncompact
||section limit is 3300/Fy.  For circular HSS in flexure, the
||compact section
||limit is 2070/Fy and the noncompact section limit is 8970/Fy.
||For seismic applications, you need to refer to the AISC
||Seismic Provisions
||where some of the slenderness rations are tighter.  For
||circular HSS in
||axial compression or flexure, the compact section limit is
||1300/Fy.  The
||noncompact section limit is per the LRFD specification and manual.
||By the way, have you opened up that LRFD Manual yet?
||Rick Drake, SE
||Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo
||"Bill Allen" <T.W.Allen(--nospam--at)> on 10/26/2000 09:50:41 AM
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||Subject:  Analysis of pipes with large D/t ratios
||AISCM (ASD) Vol 9 does not really address pipe sections with large D/t
||ratios as far as I can tell. I'm sure there are local buckling issues
||related to this, but I cannot find any guidelines with the
||exception of
||Appendix B5 which addresses allowable axial stresses:
||Anyone else have a better guideline?
||Bill Allen, S.E.