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RE: "Outdated" OPENGL32.DLL

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Title: RE: "Outdated" OPENGL32.DLL

I run System File Checker regularly on Win98SE, and it has saved my butt more than once.  It compares current versions to the immediately previous versions of all systems files by date, version number, and file size.  Of these, the most important metric is the date, since version numbers can get corrupted by third parties and bigger files are not necessarily newer or better.

Whenever SFC detects that a newer file has been replaced with an older file, simply select the restore option.  After you have run SFC a few times, you will rarely need to restore from your Windows CD, because the previous version of each system file will have been conveniently backed up for you in the WINDOWS/HELPDESK/SFC directory.

I should also mention that you should update your system by visiting the Windows Update website on a regular basis.

I hope that this helps Bill Polhemus and others.

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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Subject: Re: "Outdated" OPENGL32.DLL

I'm not sure if this will do the trick for you, but go to the run command
off of the start menu.  In there, type "SFC" without the quotes and then
press OK.  This is the windows internal System File Checker.  It will
probably indicate a number of files that have been changed since Windows was
installed.  If your system is working OK ignore these, look for the fiile
you want to update "Opengl32.dll" and let it reinstall that one when it
comes up on the list.  You've got to have your Windows disk available to
copy the original file from.  No guarentees about the fix, but it works MOST
of the time on my machines.

Failing that, you might want to go to Microsofts site and search their
Knowledge Base for the bad file name.  They probably have a fix in there
somewhere.  Good luck.  If you need more help, email me at
d.mccurdy(--nospam--at) .

Doug McCurdy