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RE: FEMA 350, 351, 352

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The following documents are available (I have a copy) along with a series of
state of the art reports(FEMA 355A - 355F).
Steel Moment Frame Buildings: Design Criteria for new buildings. FEMA-350
Steel Moment Frame Buildings: Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria for Existing
Buildings. FEMA-351
Steel Moment Frame Buildings: Post-Earthquake Evaluation and Repair
Criteria. FEMA-352
Steel Moment Frame Buildings: Specifications and Quality Assurance
Guidelines. FEMA-353

These documents are available direct from FEMA at no cost. Call 800-480-2520
A web site that should have additional information is

I attended a seminar on this subject and found it to be one of the most
interesting seminars I have been to.  There is a lot of information to
absorb and it will definitely effect or industry, if you design Steel Moment
Frame Buildings.

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I see that The intrim Report on FEMA 350 by SEAOSC Steel Adhoc Commitee is
available as of 10-25-00. I was able to download it from the SEAINT

I have a very old memo that reminded me that there had been an availability
date for FEMA 351 and 352 set for today. Does anyone know anything of these
documents? The titles seem similar to a bunch of FEMA stuff that I have, in
the FEMA 200 to 300 range.

#61623; FEMA 351 ? Recommended Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria for
Existing Welded Steel Moment-Frame Buildings.

#61623; FEMA 352 ? Recommended Postearthquake Evaluation and Repair
for Welded Steel Moments

David Merrick, SE