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RE: comm#780--Re: FiRP Reinforced Glulam Beams

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My company, WSTI, is owned by the inventor and patent holder of the FiRP
reinforced glulam technology.  I was personally involved with the testing
and evaluation required to obtain the ER5100.  I started working with WSTI
back as an grad student at Oregon State University who needed rent money.
About 1/4 of my job here at WSTI is spent teaching engineers how to design
FiRP Reinforced glulams.  I also travel to manufacturing facilities and
teach them how to produce FiRP reinforced glulams.

Concerning creep.....The reinforced plastic panels used in the reinforced
glulam beams are manufactured using a Pultrusion process which produces a
final product which is about 70% fiber.  The fibers are oriented uniaxially
(parallel to the grain, of course).  There are no cross fibers.  Creep of
the reinforcement panel is practically non-existent.  The ultimate strength
of the panels is between 150,000 psi and 200,000 psi, depending on the type
of fibers involved.  We performed 3000 hour creep tests at approximately 90%
of the fiber ultimate tensile strength (under wet conditions) and the
resulting curve was a flat line for the carbon and aramid reinforcements.
Unfortunately, fiberglass tends to creep more.  The ER5100 has special use
limitations for the fiberglass reinforcements.  Generally, creep of FiRP
Reinforced glulams is significantly reduced.

At this time, American Laminators (western Oregon) is the only certified
U.S. manufacturer.  Structurlam, out of Penticton, B.C. is the only Canadian
manufacturer.  There are two certified manufacturers in Europe.

If you need more information, design software, literature, or samples, just
give me a call or drop me an email.


Scott M. Kent, P.E.
Quality Manager
Wood Science & Technology Institute
6300 SW Reservoir Avenue
Corvallis, OR  97333
T: (541) 929-9784
F: (541) 929-3694
email:  scottk(--nospam--at)