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50'+, Metal Buildings (was Re: Pre-engineered building)

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> A 50 eave ht is well within limits of a "pre-engineered" -man I hate using
> that term-- metal building, but I think all things must be considered

System buildings, or simply, metal buildings are better descriptors.
NOTHING is pre-eng in this business, anymore.

> including what loads will be on the building, how wide is it, etc. to see
> if it is feasible and desirable to be a metal building.

Good advice. Additionally, one must consider the service requirements
such as deflections, attachments, expandability, etc.

> If you have specifics on the planned building, let me know if I Can be some
> help.

You're getting into a range of dimension that carries some additional
baggage in design. The larger manufacturers are more likely to have the
technical competence to properly design such a structure.

Deal with a reputable and experienced metal building general
contractor/builder. They will have the resources of the manufacturer to
support them and, usually, the savvy to address your project correctly.

There seems to be a lot of metal building types hanging around here
these days ...

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
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