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biaxial rectangular column design software

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We are currently looking for a software application to investigate biaxial
effects in rectangular concrete columns. The PCACOL program was recommended
to us, however, I would like to know if PCACOL is able to "import" load data
for different load combinations (from analysis software output, say in a
*.txt or *.csv file) and investigate all the conditions in a single biaxial
rectangular column design/check. I anticipate having 50-100 load
combinations for each column design and manually inputting each condition
for each column is simply not practical. Up until now, I've been painfully
looking for certain combinations which I believe may control and using the
Bresler method to investigate, but time constraints won't allow this time
consuming process anymore. If PCACOL does have this feature, is PCACOL able
to effectively handle this number of combinations(without slowing to a
crawl)? If PCACOL does not have this feature, can anyone recommend software
that does?

Thank you for your response,

Chad Edward Grinsteiner
Project Engineer
White Engineering Associates, Inc.