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RE: Sorry Mathcad question (delete if you don't want to read)

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It depends on how you wrote your moment function.

If you set up an array and divided your beam into n segments, you have
created a matrix for M. This way, you can find the maximum value of the
matrix by using the max function.

If you have a closed form solution M(x)=f(x), then you have to use the root
function. Search on "find" or "root" in the Mathcad index to show you how to
do this.

Finally, I recommend that you verify your results from a known solution.

The good news? You've already done the hard part.

Good luck,

Bill Allen, S.E.

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||Subject: Sorry Mathcad question (delete if you don't want to read)
||Sorry this is a mathcad question,
||I am trying to find the maximum moment on a beam with several loads.
||I have writen a function to plot the moment diagram,
||My question is, How do I extract the maximum moment out of my moment
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