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Re: single plate shear connections edge distance

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Try the standard checks that are done when you don't use the tables:
	Block shear
	Bolt Bearing
	Bolt tear through
	I think there is one more, but I am drawing a blank....
You should be able to find a list of what is checked by the tables in
your manual and do the procedure by hand.

Ken Peoples wrote:
> Our detailers have a question that I was unsure of the answer:  When
> doing single plate shear connections with 3/4" dia bolts (9th ed. p
> 4-54 or the Vol. II connections), would it be acceptable to use 1 1/4"
> vertical  edge distances at the top and bottom of the plate instead of
> 1 1/2"?  I am thinking that it would be reasonable to assume that the
> allowable load would multiplied by a ratio of the length of new plate
> over the length of plate in the tables since the proposed plate would
> be 1/2" shorter - conservatively assuming that the weld length
> controls.  If block shear controlled, I guess this approach would also
> be close.  Your thoughts are always appreciated.
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