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> As mentioned by others, the types of calculators allowed for PE, Struct I,
> and Struct II tests will vary from state to state.  You will want to
> verify what is permitted in the state in which you will take the test.  As
> someone mentioned, Illinois does not permit the use of programmable
> calculators (and I would not rely on whether or not you get an exam
> proctor that will be more lose your calculator, it will be a
> LONG test).

Some more advice:  carry a back up calculator (non-programmable, if you're
worried about that), extra batteries, pencils, lead, and erasers.

Also, don't forget your ear plugs.  The exams are usually held in hotel
convention halls, and sometimes there are other conventions in adjacent
rooms that could get loud and annoying.  At our exam, the sound system for
the announcer was turned WAY up.  We're working away, really concentrating,
when this sudden, booming voice would scream "YOU NOW HAVE TWO HOURS LEFT IN

And take a light jacket.  My assigned seat was directly under a vent and I
almost froze my butt off.

Jason W. Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
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