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Concrete Hat on a steel tower!

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Building: Air Traffic Control tower.

Height: 13 stories
Lateral system: Braced steel frame in combination with moment frames
Preliminary Short Period acceleration: 50% g.
Footprint: 7.0m x 8.0m (approximately) rectangular.
Code: FEMA 302 / 303.
At the highest level, the tower footprint is a hexagonal.
It has an exterior catwalk that cantilevers outside the building.
The cab floor (control room) is about 2.0m above the catwalk and is
The combination of the cab floor and the catwalk create a structure that
looks basically like a hat.

I am considering designing so the structure above the catwalk be cast in
place concrete that can be formed and cast on the ground level and lifted in
place as a unit. The Concrete Hat will have embedded steel plates on the
bottom side following the general footprint pattern of the tower steel
structure so it can be welded in place to the upper and final perimeter ring
of steel just beneath the catwalk level.

Do you see any potential problem with the performance of the combined
structure? Do you know of any reason why this solution should not be
pursued? The other conventional option is to frame with lots of structural
steel and braces to provide for the catwalk floor and the cab floor, etc.

Your thoughts are very much appreciated.