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I just had a thought!

Within the next couple of years, our PDAs will come standard with wireless
Internet capability (Bluetooth technology or similar). Just think: You could
have friends standing by to email you relevant portions of codes or other
information you didn't think to bring!

Of course that'll never happen, because you could just as easily email your P.E.
friends the questions and have them send you answers--not that anyone would
REALLY do that, but the potential is there.

I remember when it was a big deal a couple of decades back when they finally
ALLOWED calculators to be used! (Before then, they were so expensive that it was
considered "unfair" to let some use them when others didn't have them because of
the expense). We've come a long way, baby! (Although you can STILL hang your PDA
from a belt loop).

John MacLean wrote:
> Donna Friis wrote:
> You should have spare batteries or a backup calculator. Having your only
> calculator go down halfway through the exam would be a real shame!
> Not having an AASHTO Code caused me a lot more grief! But I don't think even
> that was a show stopper.