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Re: Concrete Hat on a steel tower!

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Sounds like an excellent approach.  Make sure your crane capacity is
adequate for lift and reach.  The other option I would consider carefully is
the design of the embeds.  Preferably the connection should not require
welding directly in contact with the concrete.  Maybe an embed with a
projection for bolts offset from the beam flange, the mating piece could be
matched up and field welded to the supporting framing.  Non-critical
alignment would be a plus.
Paul Feather
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Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2000 12:02 PM
Subject: Concrete Hat on a steel tower!

> Building: Air Traffic Control tower.
> Superstructure:
> Height: 13 stories
> Lateral system: Braced steel frame in combination with moment frames
> Preliminary Short Period acceleration: 50% g.
> Footprint: 7.0m x 8.0m (approximately) rectangular.
> Code: FEMA 302 / 303.
> At the highest level, the tower footprint is a hexagonal.
> It has an exterior catwalk that cantilevers outside the building.
> The cab floor (control room) is about 2.0m above the catwalk and is
> hexagonal.
> The combination of the cab floor and the catwalk create a structure that
> looks basically like a hat.
> Challenge:
> I am considering designing so the structure above the catwalk be cast in
> place concrete that can be formed and cast on the ground level and lifted
> place as a unit. The Concrete Hat will have embedded steel plates on the
> bottom side following the general footprint pattern of the tower steel
> structure so it can be welded in place to the upper and final perimeter
> of steel just beneath the catwalk level.
> Do you see any potential problem with the performance of the combined
> structure? Do you know of any reason why this solution should not be
> pursued? The other conventional option is to frame with lots of structural
> steel and braces to provide for the catwalk floor and the cab floor, etc.
> Your thoughts are very much appreciated.
> Ghassem.