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Re: AISC Table 8-33 question

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First I will warn you...I am taking a guess to potentially help the
discussion along.

I would surmise that the thickness is the material thickness.  Could it be
that it is the maximum thickness to allow that material to be welded with
"standard" pre-qualified, non-pre-heated weld procedures?  It seems pretty
obvious that it can't be maximum weld thickness...otherwise the maximum
thickness for some of the other materials don't make sense to me (i.e. a
6" thick weld for A514 material kind of would boggle my mind...not that I
am claiming to be a weld expert, but I would think that would an awful
pricy weld).  From reading the section weldability of steel (which then
references the table), the implication is that the table lists criteria
which welds can be done with out "considering" the effects of residual
shrinkage strain.  I am assuming that other material thickness can be used
but that some account of the effects of the residual shrinkage strain
would need to be considered (i.e. the potential effect of locally yielding
the steel due to the shrinkage strain).

I am sure someone much smarter than me when it comes to welding will chime
in.  I am thinking that Bob Shaw might be a good person to contact (or he
will likely offer his input...)


On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Sprague, Harold O. wrote:

> RE:  AISC LRFD Vol. #2 Connections, Table 8-33 on page 8-99.
> Column - Max. thickness, in.
> Row - A500
> What is the maximum thickness of 1/2 indicating?
> 	Is it the maximum weld thickness?  I don't think so.
> 	Is it the maximum material thickness available?  It can't be since
> ASTM A500 Section 1.2 lists the maximum thickness of 0.625".
> Is the great AISC silver book fallible?  What next ...... ASD for seismic,
> social unrest, anarchy, riots in the streets?
> Charlie Carter (or other steel sage), please lead us to the light!
> Regards,
> Harold Sprague