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RE: The Steel Committee of California

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I appreciate the response, and the document.  I am glad to hear that you are
developing a new and improved version.

I might also suggest that you add:
1.	Coping costs.  If you have a beam that has the same depth as the
girder there are 2 copes required.  If you increase the girder depth, you
add steel but eliminate one cope.  We need a tool to figure which way is
more economical.
2.	Stripping the flange cost as opposed to a cope.
3.	What do holes cost, and what are the fabrication limitations on
punched holes, drilled holes, plasma cut holes.
4.	How can we design to optimize a beam line.

You might want to put Bill Thornton of Cives Steel in the loop.  He knows
connection economics, and has written some good articles on the topic.

Harold Sprague

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> Harold,
> The committee you're referring to is the Structural Steel Educational
> Council and we are still alive and kicking.  We have had many discussions
> on
> whether to update the publication you referenced but we wanted to wait
> until
> SAC finished their work.  Now that SAC is finished---it's time to get to
> work.
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> Subject: The Steel Committee of California
> > Many years ago in the mythical land of California there was a committee
> > called "The Steel Committee of California".  This committee was a good
> > committee and they wrote a booklet called "Steel Connections / Details
> and
> > Relative Costs".  I have a tattered copy from that long ago time.  It is
> a
> > good booklet. (Note to Charlie Carter)
> >
> > Is the committee lost in folklore, or is it still around?
> > Do they still publish "Steel Connections / Details and Relative Costs",
> or
> > do I need to put this on the Gothenburg Bible shelf of my library?
> >
> > It is a very valuable tool for value engineering, but should be updated
> > periodically to reflect modern manufacturing costs.
> >
> > Regards,
> > Harold Sprague
> >