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The cost of the exam are going to vary by location because the fee the you
(and I) pay for the exam includes the "pass on" cost of the test room
rental, etc.  I paid two different cost for the exams that I took in
Illinois.  In fact, I paid about the same amount for the first time that I
took the Struct I AND Struct II exams as I paid for the second time that I
took the Struct II exam.  The difference was obviously due to the cost of
the exam location (the second time I took the Struct II was in a MUCH
better facility).

BTW, the current listed cost for the Struct II exam in Washington is
$ least according to their web page.


On Fri, 3 Nov 2000, Paul Crocker wrote:

> > 1.  What's the deal with the $450 fee to write the Structural II exam? It
> > seems rather large!
> The testing list that I received from WA state earlier this year listed the
> Structural II test as $205.  Perhaps this varies by state or perhaps the
> rates have been increased recently?  The I and III tests were a much lower
> $105 and $50 respectively.  
> Paul Crocker