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Swimming Pool Design

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Swimming pool design

I am  to design a roof top swimming pool for a multi-storey condominium
tower in Melbourne , Australia. The dimensions of the pool are  25m (83
) long X 6 m (20 ft.) wide x 1.25 m (4.3 ft.) deep.  Three sides of the
pool is bounded by concrete. The fourth side(a long side) has plexiglass

panels to retain water, and above the plexiglass panels are laminated
toughened glass panels, forming a glazed curtain wall.  The pool
and the curtain wall is supported by  a common structural framing,
span 5 m (16.5ft.) and spaced 2m (6.6ft.) apart.

The pool specs stipulate  a design pressure of 0 KPa at top of water
and 50 kPa (1 KPa = 0.145 Psi) at the pool bottom.

Simple hydrostatics p = gamma * h, implies

p(pressure, in KPa) = 10 KN/m3 * 1.25  m= 12.5 KN/m2 = 12.5 KPa

What comprises the rest of 37.5 KPa pressure - water sloshing, impact of

humans, water hammer ? Any clues ? Is there a good text on structural
engineering for swimming pools?

Anybody with plexiglass (basically a toughened cast acrylic, popular in
design of aquariums) design
experience to give me tips on design with this material?

Raghu S. Pendyala