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Re: Swimming Pool Design

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Hi Raghu,
I am not sure what lateral load formulas you would be using in Australia.
But just a quick thought, how many stories is this multi-storey condo or
rather how high is the condo with respect to the ground floor? Is this
swimming pool an add-on to an existing structure?
Can you get structural info from the plexiglass manufacturer to make sure
that it is adequate for your design specs. Next, I believer you probablly
to pay attention to the connection between the concrete walls and plexiglass

panels each end. Just a two-bit thoughts.
Chris Tse
Sunnyvale, CA, US

"Raghu S. Pendyala" wrote:

> Swimming pool design
> I am  to design a roof top swimming pool for a multi-storey condominium
> tower in Melbourne , Australia. The dimensions of the pool are  25m (83
> ft.
> ) long X 6 m (20 ft.) wide x 1.25 m (4.3 ft.) deep.  Three sides of the
> pool is bounded by concrete. The fourth side(a long side) has plexiglass
> panels to retain water, and above the plexiglass panels are laminated
> toughened glass panels, forming a glazed curtain wall.  The pool
> plexiglass
> and the curtain wall is supported by  a common structural framing,
> mullion
> span 5 m (16.5ft.) and spaced 2m (6.6ft.) apart.
> The pool specs stipulate  a design pressure of 0 KPa at top of water
> level
> and 50 kPa (1 KPa = 0.145 Psi) at the pool bottom.
> Simple hydrostatics p = gamma * h, implies
> p(pressure, in KPa) = 10 KN/m3 * 1.25  m= 12.5 KN/m2 = 12.5 KPa
> What comprises the rest of 37.5 KPa pressure - water sloshing, impact of
> humans, water hammer ? Any clues ? Is there a good text on structural
> engineering for swimming pools?
> Anybody with plexiglass (basically a toughened cast acrylic, popular in
> design of aquariums) design
> experience to give me tips on design with this material?
> --
> Raghu S. Pendyala