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RE: Story Drift Limits for Wind Load

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There is currently nothing in the building codes.  The building codes focus
is on life safety as opposed to serviceability.  

Following are some considerations for wind drift:
1.	The starting points is at what probability do you take the wind?
Most engineers use a 10 year wind for serviceability which will be about 75%
of the 50 year wind pressure.  
2.	Consider the structural material and the cladding.
3.	Consider the function of the structure.  Office buildings are
allowed to sway more than residences or hotels.

One of the most widely cited references is the Weiskopf & Pickworth
Deflection-index guide.  I believe that it is still contained in the New
York City Building Code.  (Also contained in the Structural Engineering
Handbook by Gaylord & Gaylord.)

Another reference is:
AISC Design Guide 3, Serviceability Design Considerations for Low-Rise
Buildings. (Many good references in the back)

Harold Sprague

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> > What are the limits for story drift due to wind load? I am aware
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> > be a consideration but am not sure how it is determined.
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