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RE: need help

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In any of your literature search, have you ever found any investigations on
the rotational restraint provided by concrete slabs when the baseplates are
on footings or piers at say a foot or so below the top of the slab?

Brian K. Smith, P.E.

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> One of the biggest contributors of rotation is the anchor bolts.  We would
> always tension the bolts in a bolted plate steel beam to column moment
> connection, yet we are hesitant to preload column base anchor
> rods.  If the
> anchor bolts are preloaded, they are removed from concern for rotation.
> Moving from the anchor bolts, you need to check the base plate.
> If the base
> plate can not be made thick enough economically, use chairs or a bolt box
> (whatever term is preferable).  Then you move to the foundation.  The soil
> springs and foundation type can be modeled to reflect the tendency to
> rotate.
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> Harold Sprague