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"$455 so it must have gone up recently."

It must be that case.  The list that I read off of was sent out back in
April, I believe.  

"When the Structural I and Structural III exams are added in the total cost
is now pushing $700 which seems harsh especially compared to California at
$175 or so."

That seems harsh compared to just about anything.  Also keep in mind that
the passing rate on the Structural II has been extremely low for many
sessions, so the possibility of taking it several times is not to be
ignored.  The April '98 session had a 7% passing rate!  The average of the
last 7 sessions (most current not yet known) was 20%, which was heavily
skewed by one session being at 48%, most were lower.  With odds like that,
even a highly skilled engineer could be looking at a bill of well over $1000
for SE testing.  

Paul Crocker