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RE: Floor level of attached garages

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I believe a reason for the difference in the floor elevation from a garage
space to a living space is the exhaust from car engines.  If I recall
correctly, some of the "bad" portions of exhaust from cars are "heavy"
gases, which would mean that they would stay low to the floor.  The jump
up in elevation from the garage to living spave is to prevent these gases
from entering the living space and causing harm.


On Mon, 6 Nov 2000, Yousefi, Ben wrote:

> There are no requirements in the UBC that I know of. However, I think the
> roots of this feature go back to raised floor construction in the dwelling
> area of the house which usually ended up being a few inches higher than the
> concrete slab in the garage. However, the practice has carried on to the
> houses where the entire floor is on slab, possibly to limit any type of
> flooding or leakage to the dwelling area  from the items that are usually
> stored in a garage.  
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> 	Dennis, Bill and all....
> 	Can someone clarify if there is a code requirement for an attached 
> 	garage floor level to be a minimum of 3 1/2" below the finished
> first  
> 	floor level of the residence. I think there is, but I can not locate
> the 
> 	clause.
> 	Peter McCormack