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RE: NDS 97 GLU-Lam 24F-V8 shear value

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	Marlou B. Rodriguez Wrote:
> Does anyone know how the Fvxx changed from 165 psi in the 1991 NDS to 190
> psi in the 1997 NDS for the 24F-V8 and 24F-V4 Glu-Lams?  Was there more
> test
> done, if so are these tests available to view?
	About a year and a half or so ago, an APA representative gave a
presentation that had erratta or new higher shear values than that tabulated
in the 97 NDS for glulams. It is an NER report, not an ES. It is at home so
I can't remember the exact report number. Try the ICBO website or wait until
tomorrow and I'll look it up.

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